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About Slack 

Familiarize yourself with Slack Messaging App, your daily communication center. Connect with co-workers & customers. Discuss projects within department channels and stay up to date with office events and projects.

Internal Slack Messaging Rules and Etiquette

  • Always keep messages professional between co-workers. 
  • Acknowledge all groups and direct messages.
  • Never turn-off notifications pop-ups or bells
  • Sjolie Sunless employee is prohibited from changing their availability status.
  • Speak with confidence, fake it until you make it. 
  • You are prohibited from creating your own group messages or group channels. The creation of a non-existent group or channel must have prior approval.

Outbound Slack Messaging Rules and Etiquette

  • Everyone is responsible for Public messages unless notified otherwise
  • Incoming chat messages should be answered immediately. 
  • Never leave a chat message unanswered. 
  • Avoid joining a chat channel working 
  • Always answer active chat messages with an appropriate script.
  • Be sure another employee has not already joined a chat before you do.

Slack Channels

A Slack Channel represents a private “group message” between departments and projects. This Channel allows messaging between groups of participants, each person included in the Channel will be notified when a message is sent within the Channel. This is an excellent resource to use for sending group notifications and updates to your peers. 

How to Answer a Chat Message

  1. Confirm the chat has not been joined by another representative
  2. Select the blue hashtag with the Slack given name to access the Slack Message
  3. Select Join Channel, it will be a green button at the bottom of the message page
  4. Input your response in the Reply Box, press Enter to submit
  5. Respond as needed. Include links or attachments if necessary. Never leave the customer unattended and always respond to messages immediately. 
  6. To end the conversation, select the red button titled End, or type “.end” into your Reply box and select Enter. 

International Slack Message: How to 

Slack responses should include the following:

  1. Instruct the customer of the proper ordering procedure
    * Directly with a Representative, via chat, email, or phone. International orders cannot be placed via the Sjolie website.
  2. Offer to assist the customer in placing an order. You will need to collect information from the customer in order to do so.
    * First & Last name
    * Email address
    * Shipping & Billing Address
    * Product and Quantities they would like to order
  3. If the customer responds, proceed as needed. If the customer does not respond, send a follow-up message to ensure assistance is no longer needed, close ticket. 

Chat Message has already been answered: How to

A response is not necessary if the Slack Chat Message has already been actively joined by another representative unless requested to join in by the representative. As a new member, it is your job to follow along with existing chats and review the responses to the conversation the representative is providing. This will help you better familiarize yourself with the appropriate responses and Sjolie verbiage required during customer contact.
How to locate a joined Chat Message: 
  1. Locate the Chat of choice, and find the Blue HashTag
  2. Recognize the verbiage, “ticket is handled by @SjolieRepresentative”
    * This notice, means the Chat has been joined by another representative
  3. To view the Chat without Joining, select the Blue hashtag, do not “Join Channel”

Sending a Chat Message with a Link: How to

When in an existing chat with a customer, do your best to utilize our existing  resources to provide the customer with information. This does not excuse you from assisting the customer to your fullest potential, but it does allow our pre-written content to be used time and time again. Resources like our Blog Page, are great educational resources for our customers to locate information and refer back to as needed. 

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