Certification Training

Sjolie has partnered with the National Spray Tanning Professional Association (NSTPA) to offer a high-level introductory training program for beauty professionals looking to add spray tanning to their service menu.

We go far beyond helping you achieve your sunless tanning goals, and we will not stop after we’ve trained you with product knowledge and proper technique for spraying.  We will work to provide you with all the resources necessary for you to operate your business at the most optimum level possible to achieve the very success we’re confident is attainable by every one of our clients.  

Certification Training is available at the Sjolie facility (most popular), online, and in-salon. Most Classes are eight hours in length and consist of both hands-on application instruction and guided theory via hard copy manuals. Our training educates on topics from the science of tanning, to marketing your business, to hands-on spray technique With each certification, the trainee will be proficient in Sjolie product knowledge and the sunless fundamentals. Each trainee will leave with a Signed & Printed Certificate of Completion, Training Manuals, custom Pocket ID Card, assigned license #, and a listing in the searchable database via www.nstpa.com.

There are a variety of class options. Check out the Certification Class Overview Document


Technicians may finance any Sjolie Starter Kit. Starter Kits include machine, product bundle, and choice of tent. There are several options available, for a variety of business styles, sizes, and needs. The Sjolie Finance program is a 50% finance service; meaning, the customer must pay 50% of the overall cost up front as the deposit. The remaining 50% of the Starter Kit Cost + a $50.00 processing fee is divided into 6-monthly payments. Interest and fees will apply to declined payments, late payments, or payments beyond the -month grace period. See the Payment Example below:


Overall Cost



Amount Due



Amount Owed



Payments (x6)


A Finance Application must be completed via the Sjolie Sunless website for financing consideration. Included in the application is a request for Photo ID + Billing & Shipping information; technicians will also select their desired Starter Kit at this time. Although no background or credit check is required, Sjolie does not guarantee approval and has the right to refuse Finance opportunity to any applicant without reason.

Private Label

The Private Label division provides customers with the assurance that their unique name and brand are the only visible company and product names; our logo and label will not be on your Private Label products, and there will be no direct correlation between the customer’s brand and Sjolie, Inc. We do not disclose any of our Private label client’s information, product, or brand names.

The reason private labeling is advantageous through Sjolie Sunless is we are an actual manufacturer of our products; we are a part of every facet of creation from our agriculturists to our development and design.  We create, fill, label, and ship every product, solution, and every bottle.  Because of this, we can offer superior product lines and solution blends at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on the premium products that are consistent with our business model of a high-end and glam lifestyle that is healthy and happy for you and your clients.

A private label is an excellent option for those seeking an exclusive product line for their salon or spa. Designing and creating the brand is entirely up to the customer; we do not place any restrictions on the neverending possibilities!  Private Labeling is quick and effective and requires only small MOQ’s compared to other companies.

Our Private Label Division is also capable of creating custom formulas or reverse-engineering an existing product on the market. Custom Private label is an ideal option for the customer with a larger budget and volume of sales, Custom Private Label is an extensive process; our manufacturing team works closely with the customer to create the product meets all requirements of the client, from sunless tanning to cosmetic makeup! Creating a Custom Private Labeled product can take as little as ten weeks or as long as 1-year to make perfect.


The Sjolie Distributor program is designed for those existing businesses interested in re-selling Sjolie professional and retail products in large volumes. The Distribution program is separated from Sjolie Professionals by the amount of purchasing, typically sold through an online shop; Distributors spend an average of eight thousand dollars per order and annually, 60-100 thousand dollars.

Those interested in becoming a Distributor must apply for the opportunity and can be denied without reason. Distributors in a contract are accountable for carrying most or all Sjolie products, meeting structured minimum order quantities, and following distribution criteria to be considered an authorized Sjolie Sunless distributor. Our Sjolie Distributors will receive discounted pricing on bulk purchases, early access to new products & materials, and other member perks. Distributors do not sell via Amazon.

Current Sjolie Sunless Distributors include: 

Roanoke, Virginia    

Paris, Tennessee  

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Svenstavik, Sweden

Queensland, Australia

Newfoundland, Canada 


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