Sjolie Rewards

Beauty Professionals are eligible to receive wholesale pricing on select purchases. This discount price is 20% off full-sized solutions, pre-tan products, and additives. Our membership requires no code or redeeming instruction. All discounts will be automatically applied at the checkout screen. Example: 

     Solution No.9 Quart (32oz)                            MSRP – $35.00  / Membership – $28.00

Professionals also receive wholesale costs on retail purchases of 2 or more units, per SKU and MSRP on any purchases of 1 unit per SKU. Plus, receive member access to exclusive promotions and giveaways, and discounted shipping! 

Interested customers must apply via the Sjolie Rewards Application online: 

To qualify, you must provide proof of one or more of the following

  1. Attain a Cosmetology or Esthetics License
  2. Own an existing Sunless business
  3. Own/Manage/ or hold employment at an existing salon or spa
  4. Have a current business social media page via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
  5. Have an existing business website
  6. Purchase a Sjolie Starter Kit or sunless equipment to launch a sunless business

Troubleshooting Membership Pricing with Canned Responses

Often, you will have customers inquiring with questions and concerns regarding their membership pricing. Before troubleshooting, always investigate the customer account to be sure they have applied for this membership, have a clear understanding of the terms of our membership, and you as the representative understand their stand-point thoroughly before assuming a right or wrong answer. 
We’ve rounded up the most common questions you will encounter to better prepare you for your responses. 

Q)How do I enroll in wholesale pricing?”

A) Wholesale or Sjolie Rewards Pro-Pricing is available to all Spray Tanning Professionals! Applying for Sjolie Rewards Pro-Pricing is simple: You will want to submit an application via our website here:
Within the application, you will be asked to provide proof of business; this can include, an Instagram business page, Facebook business page, Website, Cosmetologist or Esthetician license, NSTPA number, etc. If approved, you’ll immediately have access to a discounted product! Your new pricing will be reflected at the checkout screen. 

Q) How do I know if I am getting discounted pricing?”

A) I would be happy to confirm the pricing you are receiving, can you provide me with the name and email associated with your account? In the meantime, you can also access your account to verify your pricing. I suggest logging into your account and adding 1-quart of Solution No.6 to your cart. When viewing the product in your cart, the Solution MSRP will show $35.00, while Pro pricing should reflect $28.00 (per unit). Note, our pro pricing qualifies you for 20% off full-sized solutions, pre-tan and additives. A discount will not be reflected in other items. 

Q) I want to purchase one Body Wash, but my price is showing $30.00 for a bottle?” 

A) When purchasing Sjolie Retail product, the wholesale pricing of 20% off will not apply; however, when purchasing two or more units per SKU, you will receive an extensive discount per unit. You will have to pay MSRP prices when purchasing only one unit per SKU. 

Q) “The discount is not showing on my emailed invoice, can you fix this?”

A) Your membership savings will not be displayed on your invoice; however rest assured, your discount has been applied to each applicable item. I see your Quart of Solution No.6 reflects $28.00 on your invoice which is a 20% savings from the MSRP of $35.00. 


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