Michael and Ashley Sjolie founded Sjolie Sunless in 2009 with the idea of mastering the industry with a superior product, and just as valuable, the customer experience.

"At Sjolie Sunless, our mission is to formulate the most affordable, luxurious, and health-conscious products while offering a personalized, educational experience with each customer interaction."

While, after years of development, a formula unparalleled to any other in the sunless industry was born. Sjolie has a direct partnership with agriculturists allowing Sjolie Sunless to send blending experts the highest quality ingredients at peak freshness. 

These direct partnerships provide guaranteed demand for harvest and exclusivity for our company’s product. These unique blends are enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, C & E. They are further supplemented with natural extracts for added moisture, tan longevity, and a natural, healthy glow. Sjolie uses the highest, purest quality of FDA approved Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) derived from sugar beets and sugar cane to avoid compromising the clean and straightforward formulations. Sjolie products contain organic and naturally derived ingredients, because to Sjolie, this is more than looking good on the outside.

Sjolie Sunless products are free from Gluten, Parabens, and Erythrulose, and each product is certified PETA and Vegan. This healthier alternative to sun tanning is essential for the overall health of the consumer, and Sjolie will always strive to create a product that aligns with youthful living and healthy beauty.

Sjolie Sunless offers a customer platform which instilled building relationships through their ever-evolving knowledge of the industry, continuing education programs, personalized services, and tailored experiences unique to each customer’s need.

These innovative concepts took off from a small, family-owned operation to a thriving corporation in a few short years. What started as a two-person operation, indeed became a network of employees and customers working together to change the beauty world forever.



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