About Woo Commerce Admin

Woo Commerce Admin (Admin for short), is your primary order viewing portal, used daily with our company. Here there are a variety of actions to be made, view existing orders, create and assist customers with their orders, and manage customer profiles. Not to be confused with our customers CRM Profiles, Admin is an outbound system, meaning these customer profiles are accessible by the client, while CRM is only accessible by members of Sjolie Sunless.

Admin Overview

Changing an Order Status

Order Statuses affect the order’s accessibility and processing movement. You’ll use these four order statuses most frequently.

PENDING: An order which has just been created starts in pending status; meaning, it’s waiting to be assigned status or, it’s currently waiting on payment.
PROCESSING: An order that has been placed, payment accepted, and transported to Ship Station for the warehouse to package and ship. This order has not been assigned a tracking number yet. 
ON HOLD: This order has been created, but not finished for whichever reason. Perhaps we’re waiting on payment to be complete, or we’ve placed on hold because we need to adjust the order with customers’ permission. An on-hold order cannot be shipped by the warehouse, when placing an order on hold the representative should always notify the warehouse of the order # and reason for placing on hold. 
COMPLETED: An order that has been processed, packaged, and shipped. This order has been assigned a tracking number and is waiting for the pickup from our facility or currently in transit to the customer. 

Updating a Customer Account

  1. Locate the customer Account by searching the customer email in the Search Bar located under the Customer Tab of your Admin page
  2. Select the Edit button below the account name of choice. You’ll be redirected to the main customer account page
  3. Locate the customer fields that require updates. 
  4. Confirm the updated information is spelled correctly and input properly. 

Taking Over an Order

An image with a Lock icon means the order is currently open by another representative. To access, you will first be prompted with a notification box to over-rule the current representative and “take-over” the order. If you choose to take over the order, be sure to discuss this with the other representative as it will not save any working changes.

Printing / Saving an Invoice

  1. Locate the invoice you’d like to print by searching the order number or customer email within the Admin search tool
  2. Locate the order, click on the order to bring you to the order overview and select “View Order Details”
  3. Choose an action on the far right of the order, and select “Print Invoice”
  4. When prompted with the Print toolbox, select either save to PDF or Print

Printing / Saving Multiple Invoices


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