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About Ring Central

Ring Central is the main phone host used by Sjolie Sunless. With Ring Central, you can complete calls, texts, and fax! 

Sjolie Phone Rules and Etiquette

  • Always speak in a professional manner while on the phone with a customer or representative.
  • Always answer a phone call with an appropriate script.
  • Always answer an incoming phone call within the first two rings.
  • Be sure your headset is secure and comfortable before answering a call.
  • Sjolie Sunless employee is prohibited from changing their availability status.
  • Never leave a customer on hold for an extended period of time. 
  • Minimize the number of times a customer is placed on hold.
  • Speak with confidence, fake it until you make it. 
  • Do not be afraid to tell the customer you are a new employee and in training. Letting the customer know you will find the most accurate and informational answer for them is respectable.

Familiarize yourself with the Ring Central App, watch the videos below. If the App has already been added to your desktop, fast-forward to minute 1:05 of the How to Use the video below. For Sacramento HQ employees, watch the Ring Central for Desktop only.  

Sjolie App Overview

Check Voicemail 

To check the 1-800 voicemail, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open Ring Central App
  2. Dial 110 and select the “call” button
  3. Press * once you hear the prompt begin
  4. Enter the voicemail password (358032) and press #
  5. No messages – hang up.
    Messages —
    • Listen to the messages in the order they are presented
    • Note valid customer information and reason for the call. Be as descriptive as possible.
    • When information has been taken down, delete the message
  6. Repeat steps 5 until all messages have been heard
  7. Relay all messages to appropriate personnel immediately 

Make an Internal Call 

  1. Open the Ring Central Desktop App
  2. Check to see if the contact is available.
    * Select HUD (Monitor icon)
    * A Green Icon will represent an available status. 
  3. Hover your cursor over the contacts name, select call

Record a Phone Call

  1. Open the Ring Central Desktop App
  2. Located in the App Tool Bar, Select Call Log
  3. Select Recordings
  4. Locate the Call you would like to listen and record
  5. Locate and select the Save Icon
    * Save the Call to an assigned or designated folder
    * Name the Call appropriately and note and required documents with the recorded call information

Send a Text Message

  1. Open the Ring Central Desktop App

Open Ring Central App
2.      Select the “Messages” Icon
3.      In the bottom left hand corner – Select the quote bubble icon “Compose a Text”
4.      In the “to” field, type an existing clients name or input a new clients phone number
a.      Hit enter
5.      Begin message
6.      Once message is finalized and proofread – hit enter or “send”


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