You’ve completed the first steps of your on-boarding. Now, get ready for our in-depth Sunless Training and Product Theory. You may hear this program referred to as the Master Course Class. 

The goal of our all in one, comprehensive certification program is to provide the most valuable sunless information, the newest hands-on techniques, and a range of essential education and business resources to those investing in a sunless business. 

What you’ll need for your NSTPA + SJOLIE Master Course Certification Class: 

  1. NSTPA Training Guide
  2. Product Theory Guide- Professional
  3. Product Theory Guide- Retail
  4. Pen & Highlighter
  5. Notepad or preferred notebook

Your class will take a full day. Be sure to ask your instructor(s) plenty of questions, take many notes, and go over any information that may be unclear. You will absorb a plethora of information during your class day and you will be overwhelmed, this is ok! The information you take home with you will be reviewed frequently to ensure you are comfortable with all topics. 

Once you’ve completed your Certification Class, complete the following survey before moving forward: http://www.spraytancert.com/sjolie-training-survey/


Sjolie Staff 101