Turbine refers to the “power-unit.” A Turbine should not be referred to as a compressor because it does not compress the gas to produce its power. Instead, reference it as an HVLP machine or turbine. What does HVLP mean? HVLP stands for High Volume, Low Pressure. The turbine pulls air through the unit and dispenses through the hose to the attached applicator resulting in fewer overspray and a perfect finish.

An Applicator or Gun refers to the hand-held unit which attaches to your turbine by a hose, available in upgraded stainless steel or high-grade plastic model. Technicians can easily control the spray tan service using the Applicator adjustment knobs, making full-body tanning, shade, and contour effortlessly achievable (controls vary by Applicator model).


About Apollo Sprayers HVLP

Apollo Sprayers HVLP is one of two HVLP manufacturers carried by Sjolie Sunless. Apollo Sprayers HVLP Machines are manufactured in Vista, CA, making ordering relatively fast and convenient for our company. Sjolie has worked with Apollo Sprayers since its inception in 2009 and continue a close working relationship with Apollo, and it’s founder, John Darroch. You’ll find John guest-starring in many Sjolie+Apollo videos on YouTube. Apollo manufactures five different Spray Tanning systems; however, Sjolie chooses to offer what we believe to be their top 3 machines. These machines are efficient and cost-effective for our company and its users without sacrificing quality. Because of this, Apollo leads Sjolie’s sales as our most popular turbine sold. 
Sjolie values Apollo Sprayers HVLP because of the low price points, their product is made in the USA, and drop-shipping is available (US only, not international).

Since 1966, Apollo Sprayers HVLP continues to design and develop some of the most technologically-advanced, innovative, and environmentally-positive paint sprayers in the world. In 2003 two unlikely industries came together as the UV Sunless Tanning Industry discovered Apollo High Volume Low-Pressure spray equipment. UV Sunless Tanning turned to Apollo Sprayers, the leader and innovator in High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray technology, to engineer and design machines to meet the unique needs of the UV Sunless Tanning industry.

Apollo T100 MiniMist

This machine is recommended for mobile technicians. The T100 MiniMist system can perform 10-15 services per day.

The T100 MiniMist system is excellent for entry-level technicians and mobile businesses with consecutive minimal services per day.

Apollo T100 MiniMist Deluxe

This machine is recommended for mobile technicians or a small salon setting. The T100 MiniMist Deluxe system can perform 15-20 services per day.

The T100 MiniMist Deluxe system includes the same T100 Turbine listed above with the standard MiniMist; however, it features an upgraded Applicator, which gives the technician a higher, stronger working ability.

Apollo Eco-2 MightyMist

This machine is recommended for a salon or a technician who is not primarily mobile.
The Eco-2 MightyMist system can perform 50+ services per day.


About Fuji Spray®

Fuji Spray®, known as fujisprayTAN in the sunless industry, is a premier equipment provider for the sunless industry. They offer superb customer service and a quality product. fujisprayTAN has very similar quality customer service and product standards to Sjolie, which we can appreciate. fujisprayTAN has two distribution centers located in Canada & the United States for the ultimate shipping experience. fujisprayTAN has a variety of machines available; however, Sjolie felt the company only needed to carry it’s top two sellers, which thus far has been a tremendous success. Sjolie firmly stands by fujisprayTAN because of their easy to work with customer service, quality product which rarely requires troubleshooting or replacement, and the fast shipping & drop-shipping services.

Fuji Spray® is an award-winning Canadian manufacturer and designer of a variety of versatile, innovative and trusted spray systems for the professional and DIY markets. We strive for excellence by continuously building the highest quality product. With 3 different series of spray tanning equipment to choose from, we have the perfect system for everyone.  When you invest in fujisprayTAN™, you are investing in high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Fuji 2100 miniTAN™ 

This machine is recommended for mobile technicians. The 2100 miniTAN™ system can perform 20-25 services per day.

The 2100 miniTAN™ system is excellent for mobile technicians with a larger budget wanting a superior quality machine, or salons wanting a salon-grade machine with the ability to offer the occasional mobile services.

Fuji 2150 salonTAN™

This machine is recommended for a salon or a technician who is not primarily mobile.
The 2150 salonTAN™ system can perform 50+ services per day. 

The 2150 salonTAN™ will help your salon to spray with confidence and perfection.


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