Sjolie Starter Kits

We’ve created a variety of Starter Kits to cater to all levels of technicians & business needs. Mix and Match with a choice of machine and product for the ultimate business boost.

A Sjolie Starter Kit includes:

  1. Choice of Machine
  2. Choice of product
  3. Choice of Tent

Who is recommended to purchase a starter kit? 

A Starter Kit is an excellent option for new customers gathering the foundation supplies for their new business or an existing technician who needs to replenish products & upgrade their existing equipment. Starter Kits are discounted heavily, about 30% off per item. Customers can expect to pay much more when purchasing al’ a cart. 

What are the perks of purchasing a starter kit?

Each and every Sjolie Starter Kit includes a complimentary NSTPA Online training. A $75 value, completely free of charge! The online training can be completed at your own pace, with no time restrictions. It includes unlimited access to the online course content, access to a printable certificate of completion, assigned license number, and a listing profile in the searchable database of certified technicians! Customers will receive (within their package of product and equipment) a certificate with coupon code and NSTPA Handbook to follow along with the training.

How do you recommend a starter Kit?

There are vital questions each representative should be asking before recommending a Starter Kit. Understanding the customer’s business needs and goals will allow the representative to make the most educated recommendation and gain a loyal, repeat customer! Start by asking the following questions and pay close attention to customer details before making your suggestion:

  1. Do you have an existing sunless business or currently offer spray tanning services?
  2. Will you operate a mobile business or in a salon/spa-like setting? 
  3. Do you have an existing clientele base, or will you be starting by spraying friends and family?
  4. Will you offer at-home products to your customers?
  5. How many spray tans do you do or hope to do per day? 

Selecting a Starter Kit

Customers can choose their choice of Starter Kit via the website or with a representative! There is no exclusivity to the Starter Kits we offer. 

Choose a Machine

All Starter Kits will consist of a machine, and this cannot be removed from the Starter Kit package. A customer who does not need equipment should not be recommended a Starter Kit with a machine. 

Choose a Bundle

Once the customer has selected a machine best suited for their business needs, they’ll choose their product bundle. Below you will see pre-determined packages: Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. Changes cannot be made to the pre-made bundles, sorry, no product substitutions for other items.




Choose a Tent

The last step in finalizing a customer’s starter kit is deciding whether or not a tent will be needed.  A tent is crucial for any technician who will be offering mobile services and for those salons who do not have a booth or dedicated spray tan area within the building. More than likely, the client will select a tent with their starter kit. 


Kit pricing is displayed with the overall price, along with the finance payment options.

Starter Kit Pricing Breakdown PG1.
Starter Kit Pricing Breakdown PG2.



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