Getting Started and Understanding the Employee Portal is simple. 

Track your training progress using your Course Content to the right side of your screen. Topics that have been read and marked completed will be emphasized with a checkmark. All topics must be complete before moving on to your next week’s Lesson. You will be tested weekly and expected to understand the information you’ve reviewed.

Follow along closely, read instructions, do not move ahead without approval, and ask questions if you’re unsure how to navigate the program.

We understand starting your training program can be exciting and yet, overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips and resources to assist you while you become acclimated to your new position.

1) Take your time in reviewing your assigned goals so you can have a clear understanding of our expectations and make a memorable contribution to your department

2) Be punctual. Respecting other’s time is extremely important to Sjolie.

3) Always communicate and never be afraid to ask your peers questions. Everybody is willing to contribute to your growth and looks forward to watching you succeed.

4) Your success depends on you. Be willing to push yourself out of daily routines and comfort zones.

5) Understand your expectations illustrated in our Employee Handbook. You are responsible for performing and meeting these expectations. Ask questions if any arise

6) We expect you to achieve your best each day. Always bring your A-game and a positive attitude.

7) Utilize your online portals when you have questions or are unsure of a topic. We have Sjolie Blogs, Shared Google Drive, Employee Portal, Training Guides, and your employee Binder to help you.

8) Have an open mind to change. Our company is always looking for ways to improve and grow so you can benefit from its advancements.

9) Enjoy your time at work. We love to have fun when it’s appropriate.

10) Become comfortable with the Sjolie website! You’ll use this platform more often than not, and navigating the site will help you feel and sound confident to your customers.



Sjolie Staff 101