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About Agile CRM – Internal

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is an exclusive customer database for our Sjolie Sunless Customers. Here, we collect and manage all customer information, account status, and company history. Sjolie utilizes CRM for Internal and Outbound purposes. With CRM, we can not only manage customers’ private information but converse and connect with our customers as well. 

Agile CRM – Internal includes actions in which a customer does not view or participate. These actions are for our internal service and view of employees only. See below for detailed instructions on how to complete select Internal CRM Actions.

Create a New Profile

  1. Navigate to the CRM Homepage
  2. Select Add at the top right corner of the page and select “Contact”
  3. Input the required information
    * First and Last Name
    * Email
    * Phone #
    * One Tag
  4. Select continue Editing
  5. If appropriate, request a credit card, shipping + billing address, company name and title, and any additional details to complete the profile. 

Locate a Customer Profile

  1. Use the search tool in CRM, it is located in the upper left-hand corner of your page
  2. Search by first name + last name or email. Enter the information, wait for the customer profile to populate before pressing enter. If the profile does not populate, press enter. 
    To search, try entering
    * First & Last Name
    * Email Address
    * Phone #

Update and Edit a Profile

  1. Select the Edit icon below the Customer Name and Profile image, in the upper left-hand corner of your page
  2. Input or change the necessary information, select update located at the bottom of the page. 

Create a Task

  1. Open CRM
  2. Select the “Add” button in the top right-hand screen
  3. Select “Task”
  4. Title the task with a brief overview of what needs to be done
  5. Using the dropbox to select how the task will be completed
  6. Set a Due Date and Due Time
  7. Assign the owner of the task
  8. Set the Priority
  9. Add the client’s name that the task is related to
  10. Add brief description
    * Be sure to include any keynotes that need to know right away.
    * Note your initials

Add and Remove a Tag

“Tags” allow our company to categorize customers by actions, interests, and statutes. There are a variety of Tag types to add to a customer profile. 

  1. Select the Add option in the Tag Section of the Customer Profile and begin typing the tag you’d like to add. 
  2. Remove Tags by clicking the x on the Tag name. 

A Star Rating, add or remove

A customer Star Rating helps Sjolie Representatives understand the customer’s type of interaction with representatives and the frequency.

  1. Locate the Customer Profile and the Start Guide below the Customer Name and Profile Image 
  2. Before rating, consider the customers:
    * Order Frequency
    * Call History
    * Finance or other service statuses
    * Existing Star Rating, if any
    * Note History

    One Star represents a very hostile uncooperative customer who usually poses issues with representatives. This could also mean the customer is fraudulent or disrespectful to the company. 
    Five stars represent a terrific customer with a positive attitude, purchases frequently without complaint or any error and bring joy to our company.
  3. Select the star you wish to apply or remove from the customer profile. The star rating scale will automatically fill the stars to complete the task.

Merge Customer Accounts

Some customers may have multiple accounts; this is likely because they’ve created duplicate accounts using a different name or contact information by mistake. 

  1. Search the Customer Information and locate the main profile you wish to be the primary account
  2. Beneath the customer name and profile image, select the more icon represented by three vertical dots. 
  3. Select Merge Duplicates
  4. Select each account you would like to merge into the primary account. You may have to do this process multiple times if the client has many duplicate accounts
  5. Verify all information you want to be merged to the primary account; anything highlighted will merge, if the information is not highlighted, it will not merge to the primary account and you will be unable to recover the lost information
  6. Information may take up to 2-minutes to load when viewing the primary account initially.
  7. Repeat the merge steps as needed. 

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