Welcome to Lesson 4! In this comprehensive lesson, you’ll be trained and tested on your performance in our warehouse. You will learn the basic operations of our shipping programs to apply to your daily roll in our office + get down and dirty with our warehouse equipment to get an inside scoop on what really happens behind the scenes! Come prepared, and dress appropriately. Close-toed shoes and non-distracting clothing are required to work in our warehouse.

Before moving on to this lesson, be sure you have a thorough understanding of the past topics covered and complete the following assignments:

  • Must pass the Evaluation Test with a 70% score or higher
  • Have a thorough understanding of Admin and How to Navigate. Review with your team members if you are unsure or have questions.
  • Build your Binder – all documents within this lesson should be included in your binder. Discuss with your manager the proper way to Build your binder or refer to the completed Binder as an example. You will add on to your binder as you complete future lessons.
  • Ask questions, now is your opportunity to ask questions and review your Lesson 3 topics.
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